War Thunder in-game currency

Let’s Learn About War Thunder in-game currency!

Hey there, young pilots and tank commanders! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of War Thunder? It’s an awesome game where you get to control planes and tanks in epic battles. But you know what makes the game even cooler? It’s the special money you use to buy cool stuff and make your vehicles even stronger!

Meet Silver Lions and Golden Eagles!

In War Thunder, we have two types of special money: Silver Lions and Golden Eagles. They help you get new planes, and tanks, and make your vehicles even more powerful!

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1. Silver Lions: Your Everyday Money

Silver Lions are like the coins you use in everyday life. You earn them by playing the game well. Complete missions, shoot down enemies, and do great things in battles to get lots of Silver Lions!

2. Golden Eagles: Super Special Money

Golden Eagles are like magic coins. They can get you really cool stuff, like special planes and tanks that are super strong. You can get Golden Eagles by doing special things in the game or sometimes by buying them.

How to Get More Silver Lions?

Want to have lots of Silver Lions? Here are some tips:

3. Complete Missions and Achievements

Do the missions the game gives you. When you finish them, you’ll get a bunch of Silver Lions. It’s like a reward for being an awesome pilot or tank commander!

War Thunder

4. Use Special Vehicles

Some vehicles are extra special and can help you earn more Silver Lions. They’re like your secret weapons to get more money!

War Thunder

5. Trade and Sell

You can also trade and sell things in the game to get more Silver Lions. It’s like swapping cards with your friends but in War Thunder!

Let’s Talk Golden Eagles!

Golden Eagles are super important, too. They help you get really awesome stuff. Here’s how:

6. Get a Premium Account

With a Premium Account, you earn more Golden Eagles. It’s like being a VIP player! You get more cool stuff and faster!

War Thunder

7. Join Events and Tournaments

Sometimes, the game has special events and tournaments. If you do well, you can win the Golden Eagles as a prize. It’s like winning a trophy in a sports competition!

8. Keep an Eye on Special Offers

War Thunder sometimes gives special deals on Golden Eagles. It’s like a sale at your favorite store!

What to Spend Your Money On?

Now that you have all this cool money, what do you buy?

9. Upgrade Your Vehicles

Make your planes and tanks even better! Add cool stuff to them to make them super strong in battles.

10. Train Your Crew

Your crew is like your team. Use your money to make them better at their jobs. They’ll help you win more battles!

11. Research New Things

Use your money to discover new and awesome vehicles. It’s like finding hidden treasures in the game!

How to Save and Use Your Money Wisely?

12. Plan Your Spending

Think about what you really want and need. Don’t spend all your money at once!

13. Don’t Rush!

Take your time deciding what to buy. Rushing might not get you the best stuff.

14. Have Fun and Play Smart

Remember, it’s not just about money. Have a blast playing War Thunder and use your money wisely!


You’re all set to conquer the skies and battlefields in War Thunder! Use your Silver Lions and Golden Eagles wisely, and you’ll become a legendary pilot and tank commander. Keep having fun, and remember, practice makes perfect!


Q1: Can I turn Golden Eagles into Silver Lions?

A1: Nope, that’s not how it works in the game. They’re two different kinds of special money.

Q2: Can I earn Golden Eagles by playing really well?

A2: Absolutely! If you do great in events and tournaments, you can earn Golden Eagles as a reward.

Q3: What happens if I run out of Silver Lions?

A3: Don’t worry! Keep playing and doing missions, and you’ll earn more.

Q4: Can I share my Silver Lions with my friends?

A4: Sorry, you can’t. Silver Lions are just for you to use in the game.

Q5: Is it okay to ask for help on how to spend my money in the game?

A5: Of course! Ask your friends or fellow players for advice. They might have some awesome tips!

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