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Are you a fervent fan of Valorant but find yourself yearning for the same intense tactical shooter experience on your mobile device? Look no further! In this exploration of the gaming realm, we delve into the “Top 5 Games Like Valorant On Mobile | Valorant mobile”, delivering thrilling FPS action right to the palm of your hand. In the dynamic world of mobile gaming, the craving for a tactical, hero-based FPS experience similar to Valorant is undeniable. With Valorant’s official mobile version still on the horizon, gamers are on the lookout for alternatives that deliver the same competitive, strategic thrill. Here’s a curated list of the top 5 mobile games that scratch the Valorant itch, especially in the absence of Hyper Front.


Games Like Valorant On Mobile |

MATR1X FIRE offers a seamless combination of elegant looks and futuristic gameplay. Dive into a universe where a vast array of agents, each with their own set of talents, await your command. Whether you play traditional 5v5 bomb defusal or fierce capture the flag, the fast-paced action and graphically appealing maps provide a true Valorant experience on the road.

Game Downloads (Millions) Developer Game Size (MB) Features Multiplayer
MATR1X FIRE 50+ NetEase Games 1.5 GB Diverse agents, multiple game modes, ranked ladder, futuristic setting 5v5, Solo, Ranked


2. Project RushB Games Like Valorant On Mobile

Project RushB caters to Counter-Strike fans looking for a mobile alternative. Immerse yourself in traditional bomb defusing gameplay with a modern twist. Master weapon recoil, collaborate with others, and discover numerous competitive maps. The addition of ranked ladders and a burgeoning esports community assures a difficult experience competing against top-tier players.

Game Downloads (Millions) Developer Game Size (MB) Features Multiplayer
Project RushB 100+ Alfa Bravo Inc. 1.2 GB Classic bomb defusal gameplay, ranked ladders, esports scene 5v5, Ranked


3. Special Forces Group 2

Games Like Valorant On Mobile

Special Forces Group 2 revamps the classic mobile FPS with a modern touch. Engage in intense 5v5 battles across diverse maps, utilizing an extensive arsenal of weapons and equipment. With various game modes like team deathmatch, demolition, and ranked battles, this game caters to the preferences of every FPS enthusiast.

Game Downloads (Millions) Developer Game Size (MB) Features Multiplayer
Special Forces Group 2 100+ ForgeGames 1.0 GB Multiple game modes, ranked battles, diverse weapons and equipment 5v5, Ranked


4. Critical Ops

valorant mobile

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS offers a more traditional tactical shooter experience, emphasizing precise aiming, teamwork, and map awareness. Select your side, customize your loadout, and compete in game modes like defusal, domination, and search and destroy. The competitive scene is fierce, providing a true test of your FPS skills.

Game Downloads (Millions) Developer Game Size (MB) Features Multiplayer
Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS 100+ Critical Force Ltd. 800 MB Traditional tactical shooter experience, focus on aiming and teamwork 5v5, Ranked


5. Standoff 2 – Counter-Strike Vibes

While not hero-based like Valorant, Standoff 2 deserves recognition for its fast-paced, competitive Counter-Strike-inspired gameplay. Team up with friends, explore various maps, and climb the ranked ladder in intense 5v5 battles. Simple controls and smooth performance make it an ideal choice for both casual and competitive players.

Game Downloads (Millions) Developer Game Size (MB) Features Multiplayer
Standoff 2 500+ Axlebolt 700 MB Fast-paced Counter-Strike-inspired gameplay, ranked ladder 5v5, Ranked

Bonus Pick : Hyper Front: The Missing Hero

Download Link – Game Close

valorant mobile

Game Downloads (Millions) Developer Game Size (MB) Features Multiplayer
Hyper Front (Currently Unavailable) NetEase Games Estimated 1.5 GB Hero-based abilities, tactical gameplay, 5v5 multiplayer N/A

Hyper Front, though currently unavailable, once promised a hero-based FPS experience akin to Valorant. Its unexpected closure left many disappointed, but rumors of a potential comeback spark hope. Mobile gamers are advised to keep an eye out for Hyper Front, as it could emerge as the true successor to Valorant on mobile.

Conclusion: Choose Your Mobile Battlefield

“While we’re patiently waiting for Valorant to come to mobile, there are some other exciting games you can enjoy on your phone. Dive into the futuristic universe of MATR1X FIRE or test your skills in classic bomb defusal with Project RushB. These games are perfect for having a great time on your mobile device!”

FAQs: Unveiling the Mysteries of Mobile Gaming

Is there an official release date for Valorant Mobile? As of now, Riot Games has not provided an official release date for Valorant Mobile.

What sets MATR1X FIRE apart from other mobile FPS games? MATR1X FIRE distinguishes itself with its sleek aesthetics, diverse roster of agents, and visually stunning maps that capture the essence of Valorant on mobile.

Are these games available on both iOS and Android? Yes, you can usually find the aforementioned games on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Is Hyper Front making a comeback? Although there is no official confirmation of Hyper Front’s reappearance, speculations point to a possible return.

Where can I get more information about the latest mobile FPS releases? Visit trustworthy gaming websites and app shops to stay up to speed on the newest releases of mobile first-person shooters.

Top 5 Games Similar to Valorant on Mobile | Valorant Mobile


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