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Here are some Minecraft Servers list Join Without Sign

Minecraft is an incredibly popular sandbox game that allows players to explore, build, and create in a virtual world made up of blocks. While the official game requires players to have a Mojang account to log in and play, there are several alternative servers available that allow players to access the Minecraft experience without the need for a login. These cracked servers cater to both Premium and cracked players and provide a diverse range of game modes and experiences. In this article, we’ll introduce you to three such Minecraft servers that offer exciting gameplay without the need for a login.

Minecraft Servers

Here are some Minecraft servers that do not require a login:

  • HylexMC is a cracked Minecraft server with a wide variety of game modes, including BedWars, Duels, Parkour, KnockbackFFA, Lifesteal SMP, Oneblock, Survival, and more. The server is open to both Premium and cracked players, and it has a large and active community.
  • AppleMC is another large and popular cracked Minecraft server. It offers a variety of game modes, including Economy, PvP, Oneblock, Vanilla, Skyblock, Lifesteal, Mcmmo, PvE, Survival, BedWars, and Pets. The server hosts major events weekly and performs daily updates.
  • NationsGlory is a cracked Minecraft server that offers a unique role-playing experience. The world is a reconstruction of the Earth, and players can create their own countries and empires. The server also offers a variety of other game modes, including Adventure, Economy, Faction, PvP, and Survival

To connect to any of these servers, you will need to use the server’s IP address. The IP addresses for these servers are as follows:

  • HylexMC: play.hylexmc.net
  • AppleMC: top.applemc.fun
  • NationsGlory: nationsglory.com
  • peacefulvanilla Smp :  bedrock.peacefulvanilla.club:19132 (Java – mc.peacefulvanilla.club)
  • Play3002 Smp : play.u3002.com
  • Advancius Smp : mc.advancius.net
  • Provim Smp: play.provim.org
  • cidermc Smp : cynagen.xyz
  • mt.gg smp ip : mt.gg 
  • CiderMc Smp  : cavetale.com 

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19132 ALL SMP PORT ARE SAMEMinecraft Servers

Once you have the server’s IP address, you can connect to it by opening Minecraft and entering the IP address in the Multiplayer tab.

Please note that cracked Minecraft servers are not officially supported by Mojang. This means that they may not be as stable or secure as official servers. If you experience any problems while playing on a cracked server, you may need to contact the server’s administrator for help.

In conclusion : if you are looking to experience Minecraft without the need for a login, cracked servers provide an excellent opportunity to do so. HylexMC, AppleMC, and NationsGlory offer diverse and engaging gameplay modes that cater to a wide range of player preferences. Whether you seek exciting PvP battles, creative building challenges, or immersive role-playing experiences, these servers have something for everyone. Remember to enjoy your time in the blocky world of Minecraft and forge unforgettable memories with friends and fellow players.


Q1: Are cracked Minecraft servers free to play? Yes, cracked servers are free to play, making them accessible to players who haven’t purchased the official Minecraft game.

Q2: Can I play on cracked servers if I have a premium Minecraft account? Absolutely! Premium players can connect to cracked servers as well, allowing them to explore different gameplay experiences.

Q3: Are cracked servers safe to play on? While cracked servers are generally safe, they may not offer the same level of security as official servers. Exercise caution and consider joining reputable cracked servers with active communities.

Q4: Can I create my own faction or country on NationsGlory? Yes, NationsGlory allows players to create their own factions and countries, providing an immersive and interactive role-playing experience.

Q5: What should I do if I encounter issues on a cracked server? If you encounter any problems while playing on a cracked server, you can contact the server’s administrator or support team for assistance.

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